Drug Rehab Chico CA Offers a Family-System Approach to Addiction

If you believe that you may have a problem with drugs, the time to act is now because chemical dependence is an illness accompanied by terrible suffering and many times death. Drugs can drain you of your health and happiness, your self respect, your job, friends and even your family. What many abusers don’t realize is that it is a progressive illness with a deadly grip. Mercifully there are drug rehab Chico CA centers which make it their mission to assist abusers with halting their addiction. There are very few addicts or alcoholics who are able to give up their addiction without help.

A Structured Environment is Important

When you feel as if you have hit rock bottom, the sooner you make the vital move to get help the better. An alcohol treatment center near Chico CA provides a structured environment which is of particular value for young people with little structure in their life and a long drug history. These treatment centers are also valuable for alcoholics and drug abusers with a previous extensive history of relapse and early in treatment each patient is given a psychological assessment.

Fun without Chemicals

It is extremely important to remember that a drug addict or an alcoholic is never cured and that stopping drugs is just the first step towards recovery. The addict will need the help of continued support, and a drug rehab near Chico CA center which is licensed and accredited, offers a broad spectrum of services to help addicts steer clear of drugs. Chico is a beautiful city in Butte County, California and offers drug rehab centers with all the amenities you’re looking for, whether state funded, low-cost or luxuriously upscale.

Not all drug dependence clinics are equally effective and you will find both good and bad centers. What matters though is the kind of treatment a clinic offers. Pathways is renowned for offering excellent facilities where patients are monitored 24 hours a day and where they learn to have fun again without chemicals.

All the Time Needed

As a non-profit community based organization, Pathways Drug Rehab near Chico CA has a full team of highly trained and skilled medical professionals, and the director, counselors and nursing staff provide compassionate care to drug and alcohol addicts. Their services include intervention, prevention and recovery for men and women over the age of 18. Among the excellent services they offer are individual- and group counseling, spiritual activities, medication supervision, daily exercise, well planned meals and snacks, educational talks, family visiting and counseling, 12 steps and other community support meetings, relapse prevention and other services.

While a typical stay is anything from 30 to 90 days, many addicts stay longer in order to benefit from the structured programs offered. Their other services include detox, day treatment programs, intensive outpatient as well as outpatient treatment programs.

A Drug Rehab Center for Everyone

People come from far and wide to Pathways because it is a drug rehab center near Chico CA center which knows no class distinction. The medical professionals at this rehab center see all people in need, regardless of income and socioeconomic status. Their effective plan is to enable each addict to progress in their center after recognizing their dependence on alcohol and drugs.

Rejoining the Human Race

Tired of being out of control and an outcast? Pathways Drug Rehab offers after-care services which will include introduction to a self-help group, out patient follow up as well as individual- and group therapy. These all help the drug abuser to continue with the radical change that has been started and which will make it possible for them to be reunited with their family once again.